Firenze October 2013

Christian Massari was born in 1981 in Cascia, a small town of the Umbria region in Central Italy. He is a researcher in hydrology at the Italian National Research Council in Italy where he studies many aspects of the hydrological cycle. Thanks to his love for mountains he started taking photographs at the age of 14 when he received for his birthday his first film camera. Since then he has been trying to conjugate his love for nature and science with his need of creativity by catching the simplicity and the harmony of nature and its primary elements like water, land, air and fires.

Inspired by the great masters of photography like Bresson, Adams and painters like Monet and Fattori his ultimate aspiration is to help people to catch the beauty of this planet and to move their consciences to preserve it. Thanks to his job he has had the opportunity to travels in many parts of the world and to open his mind to the diversity of the landscapes and the people. This has increased his curiosity and his willing to experiment new types of photography. When Christian is not working or taking photographs, he enjoys climbing, running and cooking.